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Marta sanmamed - plastic vertical gardens 

 Plastic upcycling art 

giardino sanmamed cordoba.jpg

Marta Sanmamed  is a gardener, blogger, podcaster, writer and artist exhibiting inside and outside of Spain.

His most recent plastic work belongs to the upcycling ART movement (super recycled) with her hand-knitted vertical gardens created from reused plastic.

She also published, together with David Esteban Cubero, "Magela on the Plastic Island" the first novel in the series "Ay Magela" to reflect on the influence of human beings on the environment and about the importance of friendship, of loyalty and tolerance.

She also wrote "Aqui yace… o no", of the Editorial Oberón / Anaya (2012), "La Libreta de Magela" (2005) and the illustrated albums "Ciparisus" that won the Gold Medal Ippy Awards for the best illustrated album in Spanish (New York 2015) and the Silver Medal Living Now Books Awards.

His literary work has been translated into more than five languages.

She was also an Honorable Mention International for the Latino Book Awards in the category Best Illustrated Fiction Album in Spanish.

Tell me something about you, how did your sustainable artist career start? 


First of all thank you Eleonora, for inviting me to join @thesocietyofgreenarts.

I have always worked with oil on boards that have a meticulous stucco finish, but years ago I was forced to give a complete turn towards upcycling. We are the trash generation.

My first pieces of “trash art” were installations (2005) but since 2016 i am creating with upcycling applying my Knotyknot © technique in the vertical plastic Giardinos.


Why do you think up cycling is important? 

These days some people say that they want to return to normal life, but that is no longer possible, partly because that life was not the best for the planet. Climate change must remain a priority on world agendas and art is the best way to spread the message.

Artists, now more than ever, must champion the movement towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world.


How do you create your pieces of art? 

It is a slow and meticulous process hand knitting the "fabric" but i find it relaxing. I do teach how to epicycle plastic with this techniques in my workshops, people of any age enjoy it because it encourages relaxed chat.

The raw material is reused plastic and i turn it into 'Giardinos' or 'vertical gardens'.

My creations have been very well received in Spain and other Countries, reaching the USA exhibitions at the AQUA ART MIAMI 2017 Contemporary Art Fair and at PALM BEACH ART FAIR MIAMI 2018.

Now I am waiting for us to overcome this pandemic and to continue exposing it in other cities around the world.


How can quarantine be a good moment for becoming more conscious and sustainable? 

Nature is asking for us to pay more attention, this is a desperate call that we all need to listen to. We are a tiny portion of the Earth's lifeline, but we believe we are the owners of the planet and we have come to the Anthropocene with a lineal economy and a consumeristic model that does not work.

This is an opportunity to realize that nothing substitutes a kiss, or a hug, or a laugh with our friends. It is our opportunity to be honest, generous, supportive and minimalist. Less is more.

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