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frankie. - the art of upcycling vintage   

Clothing sustainable fashion brand

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Frankie. was launched in 2015 by Elodie and it's a brand based in London. This creative designer sure has a huge passion for vintage and is incredible how she can make it become so modern and fresh. The brand creates sustainable products out of beautiful vintage denim and French tapestries, each creation is handmade and every upcycled design is unique. 

Tell me something about you, how did you become a sustainable designer? 

I'm Frankie. French Designer / maker based in London.  

Back when I was a fashion design student in France, I used to love reworking existing material to create something new and unique. So I naturally launched my brand in 2015 with the idea of giving a second life to fabrics with a back ground story. 


What is so special about creating and wearing upcycled vintage garments? 

As a vintage lover, I love hunting my tapestries in different places while learning the story hidden in each of them. Each piece is completely unique and that makes me happy!

 I love all of the creative process. The hunt in the antique markets and the time in my studio before finding the perfect match. Sometimes the tapestry can sleep for weeks in my drawer before I can find the right jacket! 

Each piece is completely unique, handmade with love and care in my studio. You won’t find two identical Frankie. Items anywhere ... Way to feel special .

Each jacket has its own story and to me it's like wearing a piece of art (it's a great tribute to all the ladies from the 50's 60's who spent a serious amount of time making these beautiful tapestries).


Frankie studio.jpg

How can quarantine be a good moment to become more conscious and sustainable? 

I feel like now people are thinking differently; we all know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industry so we need to clean it up. Buying from sustainable independent brands is the best way to elevate your wardrobe with unique pieces and a more conscious way to consume.

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