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 Plastic upcycling art 

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Maicon Cesar de Assis Soares, with stage name Maicon Soares, was born on October 29, 1985 in the city of Ceilândia - District Federal, Brazil.

In his childhood he was always very creative developing his own strollers. He always had manual skills that allowed him to reinvent himself. Today he is considered one of the best metal sculptors in the State of Goiás, and his natural talent becomes more polished every day. Its production ranges from simple handcrafts to conceptual upcycled pieces that speak of love, from sculptures to interior design. 



Tell me something about you, how did you become a sustainable artist? 

My name is Maicon Soares and I am a self-taught artist specialized in work with scrap metals.

I started my work as a metal sculptor in 2016.  

My artistic life started by chance. My wife is an architect and was studying Interior Design. One moment in the course she needed my help to execute the chair of Marcel Breuer - student at Bauhaus from 1920 to 1924. I was already a welder and had some brass materials. With the measurements she gave me, I made my first object made with scrap metal. And from 2016 until now I never stopped and my focus is to transform Disposal into a unique and sustainable Art.  


-Why do you think up cycling is important?   

As soon as I started my work in 2016, I got to know the term Upcycle, which at the time was still new but which in Brazil already had some precursor followers. I saw that my work fit the concept because my intention was always to continue with a material already produced instead of sending it to recycling. If this concept were put into practice in all areas of life, we would live in a conscious society, less consumerist and thus save the few resources that we have left.




-How do you create your piece of art? what inspires you? 


My main inspiration is God. Then comes my wife, who is largely responsible for my work today being recognized.

It all starts with choosing the pieces that I get with friends, I buy from the junkyard and find them on my paths. There is neither a design nor a plan for what will be carried out.

For example: I will only make Don Quixote if I have pieces that give a Don Quixote, otherwise it will be done according to what I have in my studio. It's all from the head to the execution trying to seek the maximum harmony in the union of each material. But I say that each piece has its owner because that's how people feel when they encounter my work.


-How can quarantine be a good moment for becoming more conscious and sustainable? 


Quarantine is a time for reflection. We need to leave more aware humans about our attitudes, our consumption. The world will never be the same. Having only what we will really need to live and above all stop making everything disposable, that is: stop generating waste that even goes for recycling and demands resources. So my job is Upcycle because the intention is to continue a material that has already been produced and transform it into art. So from my studio's phrase: "FROM DISPOSAL TO ARE!"


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