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who we are 

The Society of Green Art is a newborn non-profit organization that promotes upcycling and recycling co-creative action in order to find always new ways to rethink waste.

After decades of mass production of goods the planet is overwhelmed with trash, good news is we can use these wastes as a resource and give them a second life thanks to creative reuse

We believe that joining forces as a creative collective we can make a difference in the war against pollution: let's transform waste into valuable art, quarantine into creative process and stronger awareness, loneliness into a community with a common effort

We believe in the power of words and education, in the beauty of art and in the revolutionary potential of dreaming.

Together we can show the world that a positive change is not only possible but is already happening! 



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what we do 

The Society of Green Arts is here to connect artists and designers from all over the world and showcase their amazing work

Now more then ever it's necessary to make a positive impact and change the way we consume and recycle goods, art and imagination are the best tools we can use in this transformative process: read our exclusive interviews and learn how to promote sustainable designers - brands - artists, go behind the scenes with us to discover how their creative process work, which techniques they use to transform waste and much more.

The Society of Green Arts creates bridges that connect the sustainable communities all over the world and anybody that have an interest in it. 

the goals 

-Promote artists and designers that work with waste materials 

-Create a community of professionals involved into green reuse 

-Raise awareness about environmental problems related to trash pollution 

-promote dialogue and exchange of ideas

-Provide useful upcycling tips to rethink waste 

-Take a further step towards circular economy and zero waste production

Restorer Using Scalpel

the creatives 

This project is taking shape thanks to the support and collaboration of the sustainable creative community

It's amazing and inspiring to see how many artists and designers out there are making a statement and using their imagination to create a better world. 

The Society of Green Art is interviewing a wide range of creatives from different fields on a weekly basis in order to give an insight about sustainability to our readers and to give them the chance to get to know the creatives behind the pieces of art. 

Every upcycled design and every artist is unique and have a history behind it and we are here to tell that story and to set positive examples for people to follow. 

We are building a network that goes from interior design to fashion, from art to music and much more. ​​​​

what you can do to 

support us 

Follow our IG page @thesocietyofgreenarts 

- Spread the word 

- Reach out to connect with us 

- Send us your feedback, we are always open to new headsup and opinions to improve our work 

Collaborate with us 


save the planet

- Say no to single use plastic 

- Pick up your trash (and others' too)

Shop local and choose quality over quantity

- Promote sustainable products

- Be a conscious consumer 

- Stay informed about how to live green and reduce waste 

Think twice before creating more trash 


WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER - let's make the best out of it 

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